50 States Series: Top Wineries & Breweries Worth Traveling For (2016 Edition!)


Tasting an oaky wine straight from the barrel or a hoppy beer perfectly poured from the keg will always be an experience unlike anything from a can or a bottle. And, in many cases, it’s an experience worth working into your travel plans while you’re on vacation. Whether you’re enjoying an urban escape in a big city or are trying your hand at country-living for a bit, take a detour to a sprawling vineyard or find the nearest local brewery to add some fun and flavor to your getaway. As you travel to your amazing getaway and (hopefully) make a quick stop at a vineyard, you are going to need to be prepared for any last-minute travel plans, it may be wise to look on websites such as BuyerImpact.co.uk for some travel tips and accessories that you can bring along with you, maybe even a little travel mug that you can sip some of that free wine when you’re back at your hotel… who knows! Just as long as you are prepared and you enjoy yourself.

We’ve searched for the best winery and/or brewery in every state to put together a list of places you just can’t miss. These are places where the ambiance is unbeatable, and more importantly, the craft brews and aged wines are award-winning. Our list will lead you to the best wineries and breweries across the United States, so you’ll have no excuse not to go for a tasting on your next trip. Take a look: