thanksgiving dinner wine pairing at D.H. Lescombes

Thanksgiving Day | Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

Give Thanks this Holiday Season

In the past, we have typically celebrated with our annual Thanksgiving Buffet or our special plated Thanksgiving Dinner. This year, were are doing a special Family Thanksgiving Dinner To-Go.

Our guests across New Mexico have always supported and celebrated with us on these special days, and we are grateful for each one of you that has included us as part of your celebrations.

Thanksgiving Holiday Closure

We have decided to close our locations on Thanksgiving Day. This will allow our hard-working employees to enjoy the day with their families.

Now more than ever, our employees have continually shown up, worked hard, and dedicated themselves to the passion and excellence we strive for. Each and every day, the experience we are so proud to offer our guests is because of our employees.

We are grateful to each of our employees for the work they do. We are also grateful to all of our guests and wine club members for your support, understanding, and continued patronage.

3 Suggestions for Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

Our hope is that Thanksgiving 2021 will be happy, healthy, and memorable for each of you. Since we are closed this year, we are offering our suggestions for three wines for a Thanksgiving wine pairing experience we think you’ll love!

A lot of different variables go into what makes a perfect Thanksgiving wine pairing. For our picks, we chose three very different wines. Each one has strengths depending on what you’ll be serving. Also, keep in mind, personal preference also plays a role. When in doubt, drink what you like. But, also don’t be afraid to try something new.

1. D.H. Lescombes Heritage Series Chardonnay

This special wine is a result of many years of perfecting our farming, winemaking techniques, and oak implementation. We use our own highly aromatic Chardonnay grapes from New Mexico’s largest family-owned vineyard.

The flavor profile leans to a lightly creamy texture with notes of bread, almond, soft minerals, and oak. Because of the processes used to craft this wine, it is highly palatable and perfect with Thanksgiving holiday foods. Secondly, due to its palatable and food-friendly nature, it makes a good all-around pair.

2. D.H. Lescombes Limited Release Renaissance

Our Heritage Renaissance is continually one of our guest and employee favorites. Because this wine strikes a nice balance between velvety fruit and spiced tannins, it is a nice choice for Thanksgiving meals. Secondly, if your holiday meal consists of ham, this red wine creates a pair that can’t be beaten. Since it is a remarkably food-friendly wine, it’ll also play nice with the rest of your holiday menu plans.

3. D.H. Lescombes Heritage Bellissimo

Talk about a perfect celebration wine! Our Bellissimo makes a perfect pair not only because it’s sweet and bubbly. In addition, Bellissimo is ideal because if you celebrate a New Mexico-style Thanksgiving, it makes a perfect accompaniment. What’s a “New Mexico-style Thanksgiving,” you ask? For starters, try red chile on your mashed potatoes. Or secondly, take it all the way and have tamales and enchiladas!

No matter if you are serving a “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner, or introducing a more regional tradition, Bellissimo will fit in very nicely.

In Conclusion

When it comes to wine pairing, it’s an art and a science. There are general guidelines for enjoying the best pairings. But, when it comes down to personal preferences, drink what you like. You can browse our online wine store to see what might fit your taste. No matter what wine and food you choose, we send our wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!