teacher appreciation week at D.H. Lescombes and Herve Wine Bar in New Mexico


It’s been said that teaching is the single most important profession, and we are inclined to agree. Teacher Appreciation Week will be celebrated at Lescombes Family Vineyards locations, from May 6-10. We will be honoring teachers from New Mexico that dine with us during this week with a $10 thank you card valid on their next visit with us. Educators can take advantage of this during the promotional period at our Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Santa Fe, and Deming locations.

“It’s our annual tradition to take some time and let our community teachers know that we appreciate them and everything they do,” noted Director, Wayne Moore.

It’s not an easy job—with long hours, always changing standards and stressful evaluations. However educators all over the nation overcome these challenges and continue to make a difference in our young people’s lives.

“I remember arriving in New Mexico at eleven years old,” recollects Proprietor, Florent Lescombes. “I didn’t know a single bit of English—and there I was, enrolled in Mrs. Saunder’s fifth-grade class at Alameda Elementary. It was such a supportive environment, within months I was well on my way.”

The Lescombes family and team urge the community to take the time to thank teachers everywhere, whether during Teacher Appreciation Week or simply in daily life in your community.