Tantalizing Tastes at St. Clair Winery

By Courtney Clark

St. Clair began in 1984 in New Mexico, but its roots date back even farther. The owners, the Lescombes family, are sixth-generation French winemakers. Hérve Lescombes operated a winery, the Domaine de Perignon, in Burgundy before moving to New Mexico to expand the family legacy. Here, he first planted the seeds (literally) for St. Clair in 1981. Today Emmanuel and Florent Lescombes run St. Clair, the largest winery in the state. Emmanuel is the viticulturist, the one who oversees the growth of the grapes and the vineyard’s operations, while Florent is the manager and proprietor. As Florent says, their “passion for making great wines is only surpassed by our desire for them to be shared in good times.” – Read more here