St. Clair Malvasia Bianca


A Greek varietal crafted New Mexican-style, this is the perfect beverage for Mediterranean cuisine. Its penchant for playing well with olive flavors lends itself to making faux-dirty martinis. While very food-friendly, the drinking experience alone is worthwhile. A sweet, light wine, perfect for summer sipping with a character that is the very essence of cool with light, refreshing flavors of honey and peaches with hints of green apple and pear with a bouquet to match. Take it along on any occasion where there are many palates to please, like a backyard barbecue or a spring picnic.

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Pair with BBQ, smoked salmon, smoked Gouda, blackened chicken, garlic, olives, feta, Greek food, and milk chocolate.

Technical Data
Alcohol: 11%
Residual Sugar: 6.3%
TA: 7.7
pH: 3.2
Color: Light, golden chartreuse
Bouquet: Honey and peaches with a hint of roses
Taste: Peaches, honey, hints of green apple and pear
Serving Temp: 42°- 46°

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