St. Clair Mimbres Red


This wine is made of a proprietary blend of several quality grape varieties. Because we strive to create a smooth, easy-drinking red wine with lush sweetness, the blend may be slightly different every year. This allows us to keep this wine fun, lively, and easy to drink. This year’s Mimbres Red is a dark, cherry red wine rich with honey, vanilla, blackberry, Moscato, and light spices folded into velvety sweetness with a jammy mouthfeel. Perfect for casual get-togethers and sharing with friends who are new to drinking wine.

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Pair with beef wellington, maple bacon, and dishes combining sweet and savory. Superb with blue cheese, which offsets the sweetness of the wine and imparts a wonderful tanginess.

Technical Data
Alcohol: 10.97%
Residual Sugar: 9%
TA: 5.9
pH: 3.53
Color: Opaque, dark, cherry red
Bouquet: Tangy cherry, blackberry, vanilla & red flowers
Taste: Honey, vanilla, blackberry, and Moscato
Serving Temp: 42°- 46°

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