St. Clair Mimbres Bubbly White


Our sweet Mimbres White with a spark! We took one of New Mexico’s best selling wines and added bubbles to celebrate! Mimbres Bubbly White is a fun, easy-drinking white wine with a sparkly sweetness. A gentle nose of Moscato, mandarin oranges, fruit cocktail, and pears reflect the beautiful flavor profile you’ll find. Great for those who gravitate towards fruity Moscato or sweet sparkling wines.

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Pair with Asian specialties, spicy southwestern cuisine, chicken with apricot chutney, cheesecake, fruit-based desserts, or millionaire pie.
Alcohol: 11.8%
Residual Sugar: 8%
TA: 6.8
PH: 3.38
Color: Glistening gold
Bouquet: Fruit cocktail with mandarin oranges and Moscato
Taste: Sweet pears and floral Moscato
Serving Temp: 40°- 47°

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