St. Clair Cabernet Sauvignon


This initially shy wine, given ample time to aerate, opens up into a rustic, hearty wine with a nose of dark chocolate and raspberries with a hint of oak and a flavor profile dominated by cranberries and a touch of oak. A punch of acid and moderate tannins offer structure. This is a powerful wine, fit for savory meat dishes and robust, spicy cuisine. It also imparts a wonderful flavor to food when used in cooking.

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Pair with chili, spicy Mexican food, savory dishes such as roasts and hearty stews. Also, try with a charred Gruyère burger or braised rib tips.

Technical Data
Alcohol: 15%
Residual Sugar:  .93
TA: 6.1
pH: 3.91
Color: Ruby violet
Bouquet: Dark chocolate and raspberries
Taste: Tart cranberries
Serving Temp: 60°-65°

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