Hatch Red Chile Wine


World-famous, Hatch-grown red chile is cold-soaked in red wine, allowing traditions of wine & chile to fuse into one. Alluring pepper and smoke on the nose, this flavorful wine brings to life the flavor of the Southwest with its unique New Mexican flair.

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Pairs nicely with chocolate since the smoke, pepper, and berry will be further drawn out by the richness of the chocolate. Also, goes very well with rich, full-flavored cheeses.

Technical Data 
Alcohol: 12%
pH: 3.6
Oak: French
Toast: Heavy
Maturation: On oak & Hatch red chile
Color: Rich garnet
Bouquet: Peppery berry & spice
Taste: Spice, red pepper, smoke, dark cherry
Serving Temperature: 42°-46°

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Weight 3.0 lbs


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