Grove Selections Summer Peach


A summer treat that tastes like a juicy, ripe peach fresh off of the tree! This delicate, sweet, fruity wine is the perfect companion to summer cooking, eating, and drinking. Its versatile character lends itself to an all-American summer. From a backyard BBQ sipper to a summer dessert additive or a cocktail base, Summer Peach adds a splash of fun to any occasion. Blend with frozen fruit and yogurt for a tipsy smoothie, add to your peach pie or cobbler, serve with cheese and crackers, mix with a mimosa for a faux fuzzy navel cocktail or throw in your daiquiri machine for a drunken slushie.

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Pair with spicy dishes utilizing green chile, as well as grilled
chicken, stir-fry, crab cakes, fresh salads with bleu cheese dressing, and fresh fruit desserts. Smoked foods, like old-fashioned barbecue and smoky cheeses (smoked gouda or gruyère) add pleasant depth to this wine and complement its sweetness. Also pairs well with mozzarella cheese.

Technical Data
Alcohol: 11%
pH: 3.1
Oak: None
Toast: None
Maturation Age: None
Color: translucent peach
Bouquet: peaches
Taste: peaches
Serving Temperature: 42°-46°

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