D.H. Lescombes Limited Release Petit Verdot


Petit Verdot is an ancient grape varietal fond of the long New Mexico growing season and warm, dry climate. Our Petit Verdot is the perfect wine to keep you warm during the winter with its rustic, hardy character. It boasts a nose of oak, sweet tobacco, blackberry, and boxwood with a powerful, robust flavor profile of ginger, mild spice, leather, and currant with tannic overtones, composing an ever-changing presentation of flavors and aromas.
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This wine is a wonderful companion to steaks, prime rib, and spicy foods, and can easily be enjoyed in the same manner as a Cabernet.
Technical Data
Alcohol: 15.0%
Residual Sugar: 0
pH: 3.5
TA: 8.5
Oak: 15.0%
Toast: Medium Plus
Maturation Age: 8 months
Color: Deep ruby-red
Bouquet: Oak, sweet tobacco, blackberry, and boxwood
Taste: Ginger, mild spice, leather, and currant
Serving Temperature: 65°- 68°
2016-Bronze-(12v) 84pts- Beverage Tasting Institute

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