Cantina Sangria


1.5 Liter bottle contains 10 glasses of wine!

A bright crimson color reflects the flavorful qualities of this red
wine made with a hint of all-natural fruit juices. Bursting with
refreshing & expressive citrus fruit flavors, it is sure to strike your
palate’s fancy!


Pair with spicy foods, barbecue, and tapas (appetizers), such as fried or bacon-wrapped shrimp, meat & cheese platters, or meatballs. To help further bring out the wine’s citrus nature, serve with a twist of lime or orange.

Technical Data
Alcohol: 10%
pH: 3.53
Oak: None
Toast: None
Maturation Age: None
Color: Bright crimson
Bouquet: Citrus with slight floral
Taste: Cherry, strawberry, citrus zest
Serving Temperature: 42°-46°

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs


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