Blue Teal Riesling


Be sure to exercise patience when opening this wine in order to appreciate the wonderful evolution of this its nose. Upon opening, the nose quickly blossoms into a bouquet of light green apples, honey and green pears. Given still more time, aromas of melons like honeydew emerge. While the glorious nose is a show-stopper, the flavor profile does not disappoint with a medley of pear, sweet honey, kiwi, ripe, golden pineapple and apple cider with a pop of ginger in the finish. Delightfully smooth and balanced, our Riesling is sure to be a perfect addition to any occasion.

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Pair with mandarin orange chicken, tuna salad on fresh greens, hard
Italian cheeses, Indian food or white cheddar macaroni.

Alcohol: 11%
Residual Sugar: 6.5%
pH: 3.4
TA: 9.4
Oak: None
Color: Silvery gold
Bouquet: Green apple, pear, honey, and melons
Taste: Pear, honey, kiwi, pineapple, and apple
Serving Temp: 42°-46°


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